Parizah Md Said: Never say no!

Never say no is the mantra Parizah has lived by ever since joining Cushman & Wakefield’s Property Management team in Singapore back in 1986. During her 31 years in the business, Parizah’s decision to take advantage of every opportunity has seen her gain experience in carpentry, air-conditioning, and electrical maintenance, alongside her day-to-day administrative roles. [...]

Anshul Jain, India: Dreaming of big wins on the job — and the tennis court

Outside of his hectic life in real estate, Anshul loves spending time outdoors and is also passionate about charitable causes related to kids and education. He is an aspiring drummer—although claims he was “miserably hopeless” in a couple of classes he took—and also dreams of becoming a professional tennis player. Below, Anshul discusses more about his [...]

Thomas J. Usher: Mentor to many – upholds family legacy

Tom Usher ​got his early start in the business with Gilley Co., which was acquired by Cushman & Wakefield in 1979. That’s when Tom officially joined the firm famously founded by his grandfather, J. Clydesdale Cushman, and great uncle, Bernard Wakefield—and he’s never looked back. Our firm’s 100th anniversary has special meaning to Tom. As he puts it: “Cushman [...]

Sampah Bin Mahadi: Meet APAC’s longest-serving employee

Sampah began his 45-year journey with Cushman & Wakefield as a building maintenance technician back in 1972. Sampah now works with the maintenance team at Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education College West as part of the Facility Management services on campus. On campus, Sampah serves as a reactive maintenance technician, managing day-to-day facility operations at [...]