Today, Justina works as an Administrative Officer at Springleaf Tower in Singapore – an office building for which Cushman & Wakefield provides building management services. Although officially taking on the position in 2005, Justina was also a driving force behind the company achieving the international ISO standard for quality management and quality assurance and served in other key roles since that time, which only reinforces her value to the client– and Cushman & Wakefield.

Outside of work, Justina enjoys spending time with her daughter and volunteering in her community.

Read below to find out more about Justina’s journey and tap into her secrets for success.

What was your first role and what was it like to work for the firm and industry in your first years?

Justina Yap: I first joined Temasek Holdings, a Singapore investment company with strong government links, back in October 1979. I worked as a Secretary to the General Manager. I had no idea then that were so many companies reporting to Temasek Holdings – the size of the company at that time made my work there an eye-opening experience.

What major roles have you played over the years?

Justina: In 1996, I was very much involved in the certification of ISO 9000 – an international standard for quality management and quality assurance. Although I was posted to Springleaf Tower in 2005 – an office building for which Cushman & Wakefield still provides building management services – I was roped in to help coordinate the internal and external audits for the then-called Premas (an employer that would eventually become part of Cushman & Wakefield) for several years.

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen to the way business is done over the decades?

Justina: The ISO certification process is one thing that has changed. Before, all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) had to be printed and circulated. Now, every SOP is online – certainly a dream for the document controllers, who have to manage the huge amount of paperwork needed for internal and external audits.

Describe some high points in your career.

Justina: The company attaining ISO 9000 certification was a high point in my career. This was really gratifying as I had to work through many late nights with my team to meet deadlines and make ISO meetings.

If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be, and why?

Justina: Adaptable to change – to improve oneself.

If you could have dinner with any one person, living or dead, who would he/she be, and why?

Justina: My only daughter! We would exchange notes on work and life, and enjoy each other’s company.

What have you liked most about working for Cushman & Wakefield?

Justina: The company is generous in rewarding staff loyalty and I am grateful for that. During my 25th year with Cushman & Wakefield, I was rewarded with a $5,000 voucher for continuous service within the company.

What are some of the secrets to your success?

Justina: Plan ahead, and never stop anticipating questions or potential issues to help the team meet tenants’ questions or needs before they are even brought up.

What’s one or two things that many of your colleagues would not know about you.

I have been doing grassroots work on the Moulmein Novena Neighbourhood Committee for about 10 years, helping out with public initiatives and seasonal events during my free time to give back to the community. I feel a sense of fulfillment when I give my time to volunteer work. Community events are always short on volunteers to help out at old folks’ or children’s homes, and whenever I am able and have the time, I like to contribute in a meaningful way.