Never say no is the mantra Parizah has lived by ever since joining Cushman & Wakefield’s Property Management team in Singapore back in 1986.

During her 31 years in the business, Parizah’s decision to take advantage of every opportunity has seen her gain experience in carpentry, air-conditioning, and electrical maintenance, alongside her day-to-day administrative roles.

Her optimistic attitude, coupled with her belief in consistently working to the best of her ability, saw Parizah rise to become the Personal Assistant to the former General Manager, the late Mr. Chay Peng Cheong—a man she describes as “exemplary”—and a role she still calls the highlight of her career.

Today, Parizah works in the Facilities & Engineering office in Singapore where she provides administrative support to all business units.

You first joined Cushman & Wakefield in August 1986. What was your first role?

Parizah Md Said: I was employed as an administrative staff in the Property Management Department handling tenancy matters.

What major roles have you played over the years?

My personal highlight was being the Personal Assistant to my late General Manager.

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen to the way business is done over the decades and what hasn’t changed?

Everything has changed with time and mergers. There have been many changes in the property management sector and how the tenants and the properties of Singapore Land Authority are managed. Changes in management after mergers has showed how new leaders handle things differently to achieve the company’s goals.

What were some high points in your career.

Gaining promotions while working with my immediate supervisors were highlights, as was being entrusted as a Personal Assistant to my General Manager.

If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be, and why?

An honesthardworking, and a good multi-tasker. I take my assignments seriously and work hard to accomplish positive results. I do my best to carry out all administrative responsibilities in the office and across the site offices.

If you could have dinner with any one person, living or dead, who would he/she be, and why?

I would have dinner with my former GM, the late Mr. Chay Peng Cheong. He was an exemplary and understanding leader who cared and was always humble when dealing with his staff.

What have you liked most about working for Cushman & Wakefield?

I’ve learned a lot of administrative skills and gained experience and knowledge in the engineering aspects of handling air-conditioning, carpentry, and electrical maintenance at my office and other site offices. I’ve handled matters pertaining to the rental of vans and motorcycles, including their maintenance servicing, for site offices and other departments. The company has given me these opportunities.

What are some of the secrets to your success?

Always work hard and never say no before trying new things. Teamwork is key.

What is one or two things that many of your colleagues would not know about you.

I am married, have three children, and a baby granddaughter. At home, I’m usually busy with chores, taking care of my family. I like to travel on short vacations to de-stress with my family.